Have someone in mind that would be a good member?  Know someone who wants to become a member but you don't have an application with you? Although everyone knows that Elk Members always have at least 1 application nearby, sometimes you just can't put your hands on it. We've solved your problem.  "Click" the link below to download a copy of the
 Elks Membership Application, print off all the copies you need and have your friend fill one out.  

Don't have Adobe Acrobat (you'll need it to download this application)? Click this icon and download your free copy of Acrobat Reader

Don't forget:
1.The proposers name goes on the top,  the applicants name goes on the 2nd line and there is a place for the proposer to sign also.  Proposer's address, phone number and e-mail address follows on the next lines.  There are two (2) pages to this application.  Make sure the applicant checks their interests in the area provided and most importantly - you, the proposer must read and sign the back of this application (or 2nd page) also!  Do not overlook this part of the new application.

2.Make sure all questions are answered

3.Make sure the applicant has signed and dated the application.

4.Forward the application, along with the $10 application fee to:
Silverton Elks Lodge
PO Box 261
Silverton, OR  97381